Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cackling at Cavanaugh Lake

As I was unseccesfully chasing a surf scooter that was reported on Cavanaugh Lake last Sunday, I came accross this groupe of geese. The smallest one is certainly a Cackling, but what's about the the intermediate ?


Jochen said...

I'd say both are Cackling. The size difference may be due to sexual dimorphism or just individual variation, but I'd say both belong to the Cackling Goose complex.
David sibley has an excellent article on his website, here's the link:

Cheers, and many greetings from susanna and "Little Bear"

Cedric said...

Bon, ok, ce week end, j'ai juste pu voir ma grosse compagnie d'environ 80 canards colverts, a priori toujours en plumage "juvenile", mais aussi, et c'est plutôt cool, quelques grands cormorans qui ont pris leurs quartiers sur l'étang à côté de la maison...

A plus,