Friday, January 2, 2009

BIRD ABA #300 !!!

Back from Florida (a trip report will be posted a little bit later) where I was lucky enough to pass the 300 mark (for the ABA area), with a bird that is very special to me!!!!
A few months ago (my birding career is not that long) I remember coming back from a successfull Owl trip with Jochen (I think it was for a Barred Owl), and told him that I really would like to see a Burrowing Owl (did I add "in michigan" at that time, in the euphoria of the moment?).
Anyway, here it is, bird #300, and possibly the cutest bird in America. The cuteness factor is specially important for my lovely wife, who seems to have a perticular way of evaluating the importance of a bird in a life list, possibly because she uses a complicated weighting system for each bird, this one being probably worth about 500 HSCE (house sparrow cuteness equivalent).
I wonder which bird will be my #400. What's about a spotted owl?


Anonymous said...

I love burrowing owls, too. I saw my first during a trip to Arizona and was equally excited when I did. No photo for me, alas.

Cedric said...

c'est excellent !!La photo est fantastique !!!

Viens donc voir sur

un truc pas croyable !!!


Laurent said...

Wren : happy to see you here! We had a fantastic time in Florida, and thought that a 1/2 day outing just for this owl was worth it. We were right!!!!

Cedric : it is quite crazy to see parrots in the north of Paris, but I dont think this is that rare in europe. I need to ask to my expert friend Jochen....

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creeping owl)) LOL)) so funny looks. thanks for this lulz

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CREEPING OWL!! o_O I will remember this phrase, it's a killer)))