Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Lakes Piping Plover in Florida

During our last trip in Florida, I noticed a banded Piping Plover on Bunch Beach, Florida. I somehow managed to digibins a few pictures, and, unsure of the color of some of the bands, decided to directly send the (admittedly bad) pictures to the graduate student who is part of the research of the great lakes piping plovers.

Here is his/her answer

Hi Laurent,This is definitely a Great Lakes bird. It was actually a captive-reared bird from the 2008 field season. The green band is actually a triple split band of green/orange/green that we use for the adult captive-reared birds. Thanks so much for your sighting information!Kelsi XXX (plover undergraduate student)
Wow, so this bird is from Michigan after all!!! (I was told the captive reared birds are raised in Michigan). I wish him good luck, and hope to see this little guy again in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore next summer!

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