Monday, April 6, 2009

A cooperative bird

Too often birds have no mercy for the inexperienced birder. Some of them always seems to hide their most significant features from the rookies ( I am one of them), forcing them to check too many times the dreaded "unidentified emp. flycatcher species", "unidentified shorebird species", or the even worst "unidentified bird species" (I am not going to talk today about the possibility of misidentifying a squirrel for a bird, but you should know it happened to me in the past)

But for once, this was not the case last Saturday, in the Arb. Bird activity in the afternoon was rather slow, telling me that I will soon have to wake up at 6 in the morning on week ends if I want to have a chance to see any bird at all. Luckily, I will be soon be awake anyway, since our first baby is expected in a few weeks!

Anyway, after a slow start, 12 chickadees and one bluebird, I ran into a rather small bird, flying and hoping through a rather brushy area

Mmm, small, grey, let see, probably some kind of a kinglet, maybe a golden crowned kinglet, if only he could show the top of his head......


Other birds seen were also pretty nice, with my first warbler of the season (yellow-rumped, as usual), 3 creepers, 2 peregrine falcons, 3 creepers and an impressive 24 golden crowned kinglets (my high count so far)

A nice walk, all things considered. This morning weather was not quite as nice, if I think about it :

April 6th, picture taken from my office window in Lansing, Michigan


Jochen said...

Holy Crap!!

Mind you, in 2005 I had sleet in May at the Arb...

Laurent said...

I remember I ran the 2005 Michigan Trail marathon (I think April 27th) in 3 inches of snow, so this snow fall was no surprise. But for the first year I realized how long the winter is here

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I think the length of a marathon was not fixed at first, since the only important factor was that all athletes competed on the same course.