Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hidden Bird

There is a bird hidden on the first picture below.
hint one : this is a new county bird for me
hint two : this is not a small bird
Can you find it?

Last week end was a good week end for my county list, with a Stilt Sandpiper at Avis Farm, the bird in the picture just above, and some more common birds that, for some reasons, I have been missing so far (Semipalmated plover and sandpipers). My total is now 196! 4 more to reach 200!!!

I have no idea where the last 4 are going to come from, but there is two warblers I have keep missing so far (canada and wilson), so I guess I have a decent chance to get those during the fall migration. That's 2 left to find. Pectoral sandpipers and SB dodwitchers should be relatively easy to find too. Having said so, odds are I am going to miss at least one of those 4 birds, so I need to find another target. Greater Scaup? maybe. Tundra Swan? a bit easier I think.

Below is a lucky shot I took at Avis farm last Sunday....cool isn't it?


Hilke Breder said...

Laurent, you are kidding about a bird in that photo, aren't you? I downloaded the picture so I could zoom in on it - I am seeing an oval shape near the root of the biggest dead tree in the picture: is that supposed to be the back of a bird??? Is it my eyes that give me trouble --or the quality of your photo? :o)

Laurent said...

I did not say it was easy! but I might upgrade the quality of the picture tomorrow if nobody found the answer!!!!

Jochen said...

Laurent, I can also - like Hilke - only see an oval gray shape at the base of the left large tree but have no idea what it might be. Of course I could start guessing by naming all the large gray birds I know but that would be cheating.
A version of the pic in higher resolution would be neat!

Anonymous said...

what's the answer to this? I gave the photo to a friend to find the bird, but I can't find it either.