Friday, November 13, 2009

Mid-fall evening's dream

Sometimes we go out birding
Just for the taste
Of a warm evening,

Just for the sight
Of the Sandhill Cranes
Flying back
To their roost
In the fading light
Just for the sound
of their noisy karooo
- is it infinitely ugly, or beautiful?
Not even for a tick
On our county list
No field notes,
It's the wrong side of the county line

It's almost dark now

And getting chilly

And the cranes are all landed

So we leave

Was it the last true fall night?

Stop the dream!!!!!

There is a white winged dove in the county!!!!


SalineVance said...

Very beautifully written and photographed.

Jochen said...


And good luck with the dove.

write a dissertation said...

amazing!! you shot it?? wonderful pics, so lovely looks