Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A word or two about the Nikon customer service

I have a couple of interesting things to say about my Nikon Monarch 8*42. Good Bins, specially for the price, $270 I bought 3 years ago. The kind of bins I can afford to buy, more important, the kind of bins I can afford to lose or bang on a tree during a run (yeah, I run and bird at the same time).

So I had some troubles with the Eyecups. I would say lots of Monarch Owners do. Eyecups threads are made in plastic, and soon or later (rather sooner if you nervously twist them up and down while waiting for a bird to show up), they get loose, and can't stay in the "up" position.

Nothing that a brocoli rubber band can't fix, you would say. True. But is it not a pain somewhere to have these perfectly good bins that are not QUITE perfect?

So I shipped them back to Nikon Customer Service, in California. Got them back a few weeks ago, fixed, cleaned, realigned.....perfect at last. They did not charge me a dime, because of their non fault warranty. The whole thing took 2 weeks, and I was always able to follow on the website what they were doing to my babies

So, thumbs up to Nikon!!!!!!

12/18/2012 update. Nikon customer service is great, no doubt about it. But the eye cup issue drives me nuts. I already send my Nikon Monarch twice, and they were fixed free of charge, and returned in a very reasonable time (around 2 weeks) . But after 6-8 month of moderate use, the eye cups started to fall off  again and I am planning to have them fixed for a third time this spring. Maybe I should just get them fixed and upgrade to something more dependable.


wes said...

Always nice to hear some guy call his car his "Baby". Even nicer to hear a birder call his Binoculars "Baby" as well. I understand exactly what you mean. My swar. 10x42's have been my constant birding companion since I got them back 1995 to replace my aging Swift Audubon's (8x42). My Swifts, which I got in the early 70's don't even have cups or a strap anymore, and reside in the trunk of my car wrapped in a towel at all times in case I bump into something out there at work, Church, or wherever. Nice to know service still matters out there in optical land.

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