Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 reasons to spend the winter in michigan..

1) You learn quite a bit about how to convert Farenheit into Celsius, because of the Arborland mall sign

2) Nobody will steal your car during the night, because it would be just too much work

Which one is mine anyway?

3) Winter keeps you in good shape :

Long Jump to get across the snow piles, in order juste to get food. The alternative is a quarter mile walk around it, on the parking lot.

A little warm up before to go to work in the morning

4) You have the beaches of lake michigan all for yourself (go figure..)

5) You can learn quite a bit of unusual sciences

Strength of material testing (on ice)

6) What's about a snowshoe hike in Waterloo Recreation Area, looking for crossbills?

Can't think about a better place to be, on a sunny day
7) All things considered, there is still a lot more sun in Michigan than in the north of Europe

Not the best place in the US, but still about 2400 hours of sun a year

I grew up in a city located between Paris and Lille....less than 1750 hours of sun a year!

8) Spring eventually replaces winter, and that feels sooo good!

It does not mean there is no snow (picture taken in mid April)!


Jochen said...

Did you try to cross that snow pile with a stroller? That's BIG fun...

Geez, I miss Michigan so much. You forgot to mention that you can sometimes watch Snowy Owls from the local backeries!

Hilke Breder said...

Well, it keeps you in shape. That's good. And it makes spring that much more enjoyable. I lived in Iowa for several years; winters were so cold there you never saw anybody going outside for fun.

Cathy Carroll said...

Hilarious! Made me laugh. I'll be going up to the UP this weekend. Not sure what kind of weather I am hoping for.