Friday, January 22, 2010

A few pictures with the TCON17

I got one year older last week (my age is now a prime it not exciting?, the next time it will happen will be in 4 years.....any guess?), as a result my beloved wife bought me a TCON17, which allows me to multiply my fz28 zoom by 1.7. While I did not expect any miracle from this, I thought it was a great (I mean cheap) way to get better ID shots, and once a while, a cool picture or two to print.

Light was really bad last week, but I could not help trying my new toy in the local park....

A white throated sparrow was my first target, and he was quite cooperative. Despite the terrible light, I managed a couple of acceptable (not by the National Geographic, though!) picture of this cute bird.

In similar light, a surprisingly bright goldfinch

A Tree Sparrow, in much better light. I could not come as close as I wished, but the pictures came out ok.

House finch, in bright light at my work place

I will try to post a more scientific post on the TCON17 in the near future, but so far, I was quite pleased with the results.


Hilke Breder said...

Not bad at all!! It really seems to extend your range. I particularly like the house finch; it's nice and sharp. Age 37? Hope the new year treats you well.

Laurent said...

yeah, good guess Hilke!

Anonymous said...
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cindyzlogic said...

Wow! some great captures here! I have never seen a White-throated Sparrow...very pretty!

Hilke Breder said...

Haven't seen any posts from you lately. Did you ever make it to Florida?

Ben said...

Hi Laurent, I am from Tom Saade's Camera House and I noticed that you linked and mentioned one of the lenses you bought in your post.

That image link no longer works and I was hoping you could please contact me so that I can provide you with the right link.